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Meet the producers

The Prosecco Springs team travelled to the vineyards of North Eastern Italy to meet with each producer individually and carefully select those to invite.


Handpicked within the hills of Treviso, Bottega have been producing some of the finest Italian Prosecco for over 30 years. Each grape has been handpicked from the vineyards of the company's nineteenth century farmhouse, bestowing the wines with a resonantly traditional flavour.


Casanova Prosecco demonstrate passion to produce not just a sparkling wine, but a work of art. Producing one of the finest Proseccos through their traditional Italian methods and grapes from Valdobbiadene, the birth place of the Prosecco Superiore, Casanova has also invested significant time and creativity into ensuring that their bottle design matches the contents in terms of luxury and elegance.


Cester Camillo’s boutique estate lies In the enchanting region of Nervesa Della Battaglia, Treviso, nestled between the banks of the Piave river and the beautiful Montello. Each year Cester Camillo Prosecco is crafted exclusively from the grapes harvested on this single vineyard.


A super-premium Prosecco, crafted from a delicately cultivated vineyard in the DOCG heartland of Conegliano, Ombra Di Pantera has become the serve of choice for influencers and A-listers across the world. Ombra Di Pantera is dedicated to celebrating the traditional heritage and craftsmanship of Italian viticulture to deliver an authentic, exclusive Prosecco experience which embodies the seductive elegance of Italian luxury.


The Vigna Belvedere estate, with cool streams of water marking its boundaries, is set between the lagoon of Venice and the Carnic Alps in the Province of Pordenone. Vigna Belvedere is produced using the Charmat Method, and its whole production cycle is carefully followed from the vineyard to the bottle with great passion and in respect of nature, constantly trying to preserve the health of the vines balancing the yield, favouring quality over quantity.


The ancestral home of the Zonin family is in the village of Gambellara which lies within the Veneto region, famous for producing Prosecco. Being “Vitners since 1821” the Zonin family have tended the lush green hills of this picturesque countryside for seven generations. Their passion for the vineyards of the area runs deep and still today this is the home of their Prosecco. Perfectly paired with savoury fare or seafood, or simply enjoyed on its own at the end of any meal for a grand finalé, Zonin Prosecco’s crisp and refreshing quality enlivens any meal or gathering.